My week in photos: wc 07/08/2017.

Latey Lauren, again. I've had another full on week with work and exploring and when it came round to Sunday I was knackered. And then it was back to work again on Monday. I know, excuses.

Well here are some pictures from last week:

A hidden beauty in Princes Gardens.

We all went to go see a comedy show at the
Black Market, where they host lots of free

Emily came down to Edinburgh so we spent an
afternoon together. She introduced me to the
amazing Mary's Milk Bar and we just wandered
around exploring.

Finally, I got to see Greyfriars Bobby. His nose has turned
gold because tourists are rubbing it and exposing the brass underneath.
Apparently, the locals aren't too happy about the damages to the
poor pups nose.

On our day off we decided to walk up Arthur's


The Book Festival started on Saturday - of course
I was there to check it out.

And I got to go see Carol Ann Duffy perform some
of her poetry at the Book Festival. She was so funny
and is so talented.

As always, 

Love, Lauren x