My week in photos: wc 31/08/2017.

I've decided to start making blog posts with some pictures of what I've been up to rather than just writing about it all. 

This was my first full week in Edinburgh and the Festivals all kicked off this week too. I know it's slightly late for the week, but this week I plan on being on time (I hope).

Sadly, this week has been super rainy and miserable so we didn't get up to too much exploring. Hopefully, this week will be much better because I am desperate to see everything.

One of my first days playing around with the DSLR camera,
when in Edinburgh, of course, this is the first thing to capture.

After my first cash-up at work we all went for a little
drink at the Ghillie Dhu.

As I was taking these pictures of this

second-hand bookshop we were unaware
that we were in the 'pubic traingle'
and a dancer approached my sister 
asking her if she wanted to go in and
then went on to tell us of our whereabouts.

St. Giles Cathedral.

The Whiski

Diagon House - Victoria Street.

We went exploring around all the festival hotspots
and around the gardens.

And, of course, we stopped off at a pop-up
tent for a wee tipple.
A beautiful sunset to end a perfect Sunday.
As always,

Love, Lauren x