10 ways I can relate to Bridget Jones.

"To Bridget, who we love, just as she is."

I found a copy of Bridget Jones' Diary for 79p a few weeks back and it made me realise how much I want to re-read the series. 

And I remembered just how hilarious the books are, and the movies for that matter. If you haven't seen Bridget Jones' Baby I suggest you bloody well do so now.

At Christmas time one of my friends said I was like Bridget Jones. Hilarious, right? But it got me thinking; why is it Bridget Jones is so popular, successful and funny?

Becuase she is relatable. 

So then I got thinking about the ways I can relate to Bridget Jones:

1. We both own diaries.

This is a new one for me. For my Christmas, my sister gave me a beautiful journal and I've been trying to document my weird, wacky and wonderful thoughts within the pages. Okay, so sometimes I forget, but I try. If for no other reason other than to practice writing and to remember the small things. 

2. We are both Journalists.

Well, she doesn't begin as a journalist and I am still studying but the goal is the same. Another obvious resemblance there. And sometimes Bridget has some cringe-worthy moments at work which I can totally imagine happening to me (currently praying I don't fall down a firefighters pole butt-first into the camera... watch this space).

3. We both have cringe-worthy moments.

See above. And also there are moments in the books and films where Bridget does something that just makes you cringe so hard. Like turning up dressed up as a sexy bunny to a not so 'Tarts and Vicars' party. We all have our fashion faux pas moments, and let's be real the awkward cringey moments are probably what makes Bridget so popular. I can't say I've turned up in fancy dress to any parties where everyone is dressed normally (yet) but I do have my own cringe moments, on a daily basis, just ask my friends.

4. Our fridges are always empty.

Whenever Bridget is feeling down and is looking for a pick-me-up snack she opens her fridge and reveals... nothing. And that is basically me, every time I look in the fridge. 

5. We turn to alcohol.

"This time I choose vodka." 
Bridget Jones is a hardened drinker. I'm not saying I'm a hardened drinker but when I feel down I too turn to alcohol. Some of the best moments of Bridget Jones are when she decides she just doesn't care anymore and downs a bottle of vodka. I'm not that extreme, but I get it, as I'm sure most people do.

6. We also have other coping mechanisms.

Some days you just wrap yourself up in your blanket and feel sorry for yourself, other times you eat that whole tub of ice cream (oops) and others you sing your heart out to some ballad, even though you're a terrible singer. That's how people like Bridget handle life when the diary therapy just doesn't cut it anymore. I know them feels.

7. We both spend time moping but then we pick ourselves right back up.

Bridget Jones always manages to shake off her melancholic mood and finds some way to turn things around. Even if she's not always successful she tries. We all have our down days but it's how we recover from them that's the important part. Whether it's hitting the gym or reading every self-help book out there or changing jobs, Jone's is no stranger to picking herself up and sorting her shit out. And to be honest neither am I.

8. We are both on an endless journey to self-perfection.

Whether it's losing weight, quitting alcohol, trying to become more cultured. You see Bridget attempt to transform. I do this, a lot. There is always room for improvement, right? And even when Bridget seems to have her shit together, there is still something she buggers up and needs to fix. Story of my life.

9. We both have no clue what is going on half the time.

Hearing Bridget try pronounce someone's name or talk about current affairs is a bit of a face-palm moment. Especially when she is trying to come across intellectual and cultured. And sometimes, I'm ashamed to admit, I do the same. I'll pronounce things wrong (epitome gets me every time), I'll reference something wrong or sometimes I'll say something I think is super clever and then get corrected. And when I'm not following someone's conversation I get so awkward and obvious about it that I am sure they think I'm just an idiot. I like to hope we've all been there.

10. We both have our relationship dramas.

Bridget Jones portrays the best and the worst parts of being in a relationship. You see her fall in love, get her heart crushed, get up and try all over again. You see her as a 'lonely old spinster' transform into a woman in love or to a strong independent woman. I can be the same. 

I mean some days I feel like a lonely old spinster at the prime age of 22, then others I'm happy to be single and not having to care about men. And we all fall in and out of love, you have to kiss many frogs and all that. We're all waiting for Mr. Darcy.

Whether you've watched the films or read the books, Bridget Jones is a relatable example of a 21st century woman. She's imperfect, raw and very real. There will always be a place for Bridge in my heart, and although I hate to admit it I genuinely feel like the new Bridget... but then again, what woman doesn't? 

As always,

Love, Lauren x