My Favourite Eyeliner.

A lot of people compliment me on my eyeliner or ask me how I manage to do it. The truth is you need the right equipment.

That probably sounds silly, but believe me, if you don't know what works for you then how can you create the look you want?

I have tried many different eyeliners throughout my time and it took a while to find the style that suited my eye shape and my face. And I've been doing my wings since about 5th year at High School, so that is about 6 years (ew). 

Believe me, we all go through the really ugly, uneven and unshapely look. It's part of the learning process. I went through a stage of glitter liner. Thank god that got left behind.

There are a lot of online guides from magazines, makeup artists and bloggers on what style of eyeliner suits your eye shape. I, personally, find it hard to follow these guides and never looked at them before finding my own style.

In fact, I believe that looking at these guides just confused me. I don't really feel like I need someone to dictate what I can and can't do with my makeup. 

I just played around with makeup until I found my look. And it's probably not what the guides had planned for me with my sort of hooded almond eyes, apparently. Yes, that did mean I went through some beauty blunders (I re-iterate the glitter liner phase of 2011). Sometimes, I still do. 

But, I genuinely think everyone will until they perfect their look. Even just play around with your makeup one night or something until you feel comfortable. Try something new and you may just surprise yourself. 

Once you have an idea of what look you want to achieve you should select the right kind of eyeliner, by this I mean; pencil, gel, liquid or pen. Like an artist needs to find their medium, whether that's oil, watercolour or acrylic paint.

Pencil is for a more softer and smokier look. I used to make the mistake of lining both my upper lid and my lower lid, making my eyes look small and would it often lead to smudging. When you use black pencil to create the wing look beware that it will fade, smudge and not look sharp and sleek like the usual desired winged look. Trust me, you'll end up with the panda look. 

Gel is another one I've tried, and although it's easy to go on and style and it looks sleek it's another one that will smudge. Because it doesn't dry it will rub off. The trick is not to look up, or laugh, or move your face at all.

Eyeliner pens are another one that I've tried. They're meant to be amazing for precision. But I struggle with them. It may just be me but because of the way I hold them they keep running dry and need a good shake to get the liner back into the felt tip. When it works though you can get some really on point wings, and a dead arm, but you know, priorities. 

My personal favourite is the liquid liner with the brush. Like I'm painting my eyes. They're good for precision too and without fail create on fleek wings. They're the most comfortable for me to hold and I feel like they're the ones I have mastered.

That's not to say that they will or won't work for you, it could be because of my eye shape or technique. But that's my experience of using these liners. 

Now, on to my recommended brands:

The first brand of liquid liner I used (disregarding the glitter liner fiasco) would be the Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Liquid Liner. It comes in at around £5-6 and it has a really fine brush to perfect those wings. 

I really LOVE the brand bareMinerals and use a lot of their makeup items, so naturally, when they released an eyeliner I was excited. It was a pen, but I thought since it was a brand I rated I'd give it a try. It was perfect other than the running out mid-way through lining my eye or just when I was about to get my wing on point. 

If I was a more patient person I probably wouldn't have minded, but since I'd been doing wings for years I'd managed to master painting them on quickly and well, the pen just slowed me down. But, if you're a beginner who takes their time and rates good brands without any nasty chemicals and who doesn't test on animals then this would be great for you. It is around £17 from Boots, but like I said it is a pretty good liner.

Finally, this is a recent find, but NYX does amazing eyeliners. I got both their Vinyl and their Matte liquid liners. They're both quite different though. 

I'd use the Vinyl one for a night out as it has a shiny, sleek look, it's a bit runny so you have to be careful not to put too much on, but this helps you shape your flicks a bit easier. However, I don't rate it for wearing all day or to work, because it's got a soft almost wet feel it can smudge a bit. 

The Matte can be used for all occasions. It stays on forever. I mean for-ev-er. I could wear it all day then go to work and be sweating and running around the busy pub and it will not shift. I love it, and the matte look is perfect for a classic beauty look. 

I'd probably rate the Matte liner more, but they're both still pretty awesome. NYX is another good brand, who is against animal testing and the liners come in at around £6 which is so reasonable for such good quality. They can really lead to on point wings.

This is quite possibly my longest blog post ever. But I love my eyeliner and had lots to say about it. I hope it wasn't too boring and I've helped someone out. 

Either way, wing it!

And as always,

Love, Lauren x