Hello, again.

I can not believe it is now April and I haven't blogged once this year. Not once.

In fact, I haven't posted since the 24th November, what happened to my little obsession? Last year my blog was my pride and joy, and I strived to make it successful. 

I focused on uni, work, my social life and other commitments (such as writing for the university magazine Radar) and sadly my little blog was forgotten about. 

Even when I would remember about it, those fleeting thoughts that went just as quickly as they came, I would also think 'but what do I have to say?'

That's the biggest thing holding me back, what do I have to say? Do I have anything interesting or original to write about, and who is even going to read this? Does any of it matter?

Even though writing is something I am so passionate about I still feel that horrible twist in my stomach thinking about people reading my work, judging it - judging me.

But then there is that strong voice inside me, the one who shrugs its shoulders at the shadow of doubt and says 'Who cares?'

Yep, that's right. Part of me is just beyond caring anymore. Maybe it's part of growing up when you realise that not everyone is going to like you or your work, or maybe it's the fact that I started this blog for me. No one else.

I didn't start this blog to impress or please anyone. I started it to write about things I cared about, to practice my writing and just as an outlet. If anyone reads any of my posts, or if they help anyone then that's just an extra bonus.

Of course I would love it if heaps of people read my work, that's why I publish posts on the blog (or at least I did) but if no one reads it then that's okay too. It doesn't make me a failure and I need to remember that.   

Either way, I'm back in the blogging game. I've been thinking a lot about the content I want in my blog and I want to play around with my design a bit. And summer is coming soon with exams in May so I will definitely have more time for blogging. I promise I'll try.

So watch this space and as always,

Love, Lauren x