Eyelash Extensions: Yay or Nay?

For the Student Achievement Ball on Saturday I decided to treat myself to some eyelash extensions.

I'd always wanted to try them and my sister is a big fan.

I have long enough lashes, but like my hair, they're quite flat and don't have much curl to them. So, I thought getting extensions would be a good way to do something different while keeping my makeup classy and to a minimum. 

I booked the appointment at James Dunn House which was great, and the guy doing my eyelashes (Guy) was fabulous. For all my lack of experience, I would definitely recommend booking with him. He was very patient with me and a bit of a perfectionist, which is what you want when you're spending money to look good, right?

But, soon after we started I could feel my eyes burning. I don't know whether it was the collagen pads that secured my lower lashes down or the chemicals from the glue, but wow was it difficult to stay still. And I was crying.

No matter what I did my eyes were just watering away. I felt quite bad for Guy, but he said some people who have never had them done before do experience some discomfort.

Once they were done they looked really, really good. I loved how they made my eyes look, and even my face looked a bit different. They were perfect. I even went to work that night with no makeup on, that's how confident they made me feel.

It's now been five days since I've had them done and I just find them annoying. Like I want to pick them all off. It's probably just because I'm not used to them.

They still look great, but just washing my face or rubbing my eyes is a task. Sometimes, I'll forget they're there and rub my eyes or pull a t-shirt roughly over my face and that can be quite a painful mistake.

Although they look so good, I'm not entirely convinced they're worth it. I don't know how my sister copes having them done so often because they're just bugging me.

I think if I was to have them done again it would be for another special occasion or a holiday or something so I wouldn't have to worry too much about makeup. 

I guess it depends on what your needs are. I don't really need them, but they were a nice treat. I have not too bad eyelashes and I wear makeup that normally helps my natural lashes look good. Not only that, I'm not a person who needs to wear makeup every single day. 

If you don't like your natural lashes or are someone who would wear makeup a lot these would be good for you.  

I loved how they looked on the night and how I've had nice eyes without the effort of makeup for the past few days but I wouldn't rush to get them done again.