'Joanne' Lady Gaga

Oh my Lady Gaga is this album good?!

Those who know me know just how much I loved Gaga.  I always found her music inspiring, emotional and it has always had a special place in my heart.

My Gaga days ended round about her 'Artpop' era.  I enjoyed it, but in all honesty, it just didn't speak to me the same way as 'The Fame' or 'The Fame Monster' or even 'Born this Way'.  I'm definitely more of an original 'Fame' generation monster.  

Maybe it's because I didn't love 'Artpop' the same, maybe it's because at that point in my life I had different influences and different priorities.  Either way, I felt so far away from Gaga.  It's like I lost touch with a dear old friend. 

That is until 'Perfect Illusion' was released.  When I first heard the audio version I knew the Gaga I loved was back with her usual flair in my life... and it was then that I realised this album had the promise of something big.  And we all know Gaga does nothing but big.

'Perfect Illusion' quickly became (and still is, just fyi) my anthem.  

The song felt like it spoke directly to me - especially at that point in my life.  I got caught up in her show.  Then the video. Wow.

Then came 'Million Reasons'.  It was so different from 'Perfect Illusion' but still so, so powerful.   The song brought out so many emotions.  That's what I love about Gaga, she always manages to move people so strongly and deeply just with her voice.

FINALLY, the album was released.  And listening to it for the first time I felt exactly the same as the good old 'Fame' days.  I felt electrified, inspired, motivated, emotional but most of all I felt love. 

In interviews Gaga says this album is about family (hence the name Joanne after her aunt), it goes back to her Italian roots and it's like going back to her original self.  And you can really feel it.  

I think that's why I love it so much. You can feel the emotion in her words.  One minute she's singing something so upbeat, cheerful, something that makes you want to dance, then the next minute she's singing her soul out, opening up her heart for her fans to see.  I have re-found my love for Gaga just as she re-discovered herself. As she sings about her past I feel nostalgic about the impact she has had on my own.  She has inspired me in so many ways already, rejuvenated me and kept me going.

Thank you, Gaga.

If you need me I'll still be holed up in my room singing my heart out along with her.  

As always,

Love, Lauren x