The power of the simple: part 5

Last night I sat in my bed reading until late, but I didn't even notice the time. It was more when I finished the book, read the whole thing cover to cover, that I realised just how long I'd been reading.  

I haven't been able to sit at peace with myself reading in over a year.  I have always loved books, and still did but, for some reason, I couldn't quite relax like I used to.  Reading was always very therapeutic for me.  To be honest, it genuinely was frustrating not being able to let go and transport into a world constructed by words.  

Especially lately it's seemed like I've always had something more important to do or my mind has been on overdrive and wouldn't just pause enough for me to relax into a good book - or at least not for long.  Even when I would just sit down and try to focus my attention on a book my mind would wander and I'd have to read the same paragraph a couple of times before it would sink in.  

For those of you who know me, that's not normal for me.

But then last night I was transported to a completely different world, and I just couldn't put the book down until I had devoured it.  It was a good feeling when I realised just how naturally I slipped into my old habit.  I didn't even think about it I just did it.  

Now I don't know if it's because the book was exceptionally good, or whether I just allowed myself to finally relax... but it felt like the old Lauren had awoken. Finally, slowly, and bit by bit.  It probably sounds so cheesy, and over such a stupid little thing like reading.  

But it felt so good to finally just switch off.  It felt so good to get lost in a totally different world rather than inside my own head.  It felt so good to be living someone else's drama rather than my own. 

I've said it before but sometimes we need to just press pause.  Do something that gets you lost; whether that's reading, writing, drawing, go for a walk (don't actually get lost though, don't take me so literally.) even knitting.  And once you're lost you'll return to yourself and feel more like you.  Or at least that's how I felt.  Because I was happy, completely at peace. 

The world will still be waiting for you, and whatever you have that's stressing you out will still be there too but it won't feel quite so threatening anymore.  

Sometimes, without even realising we need to just switch off and escape from the outside world; because it will do us the world of good.  Does anyone else have any good ways to just switch it off for a little while?

As always,

Love, Lauren x