Student Life: being a 'mature' student.

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When my friends told me I'd be a mature student I laughed in their faces, even felt slightly insulted.  I am not old; I'm in my twenties, the prime of my life. In my head I was going to be a first year again and I wasn't that much older than all the other freshers.  I was wrong.

Apparently, four or five years is a big difference.  It's like all the freshers are from a totally new and alien generation to me.  Maybe 22 really is the age of a mature student nowadays.

When I was a student at Aberdeen University there were people from all age groups and that didn't matter.  Even on the phone the other night I explained to my Dad there were people older than him studying there to which I got:
"As old as me? What that old?!" and a laugh. Yes Dad, even that old.

Even on the induction day, one of the girls asked me if I'd come straight from school and when I said I had already been to university before she asked me how old I am.  When I told her she replied: "Oh my god, maybe don't tell people that hahahaha."  Like, excuse me missy but respect your elders! 

Now, I'm not saying everyone is like this.  Most of the people I have spoken to on my course are really cool and fun.  It's just strange to feel the age gap that I never even thought I would recognise - I never even realised it was four whole years difference.  It's as though I believe I'm still 18, but deep down I know I'm not. 

In one of the labs we were playing around with Photoshop and I just couldn't get it at first and kept having to ask the tutor for help.  I couldn't help but think to myself bloody hell, maybe I am too old.  I felt like a fish out of water when everyone around me seemed to naturally just click with the task.  But once I got it, man that was a good feeling.  

I've decided to use my 'mature student' status to my advantage - been there, done that and all. I mean I already know what is expected of me and I know how to organise myself and my studies.  I know exactly what I want out of the course, I'm passionate and I'm determined.   

Maybe feeling so old compared to all my fellow students isn't the best feeling, but, in reality it doesn't make a difference.  We're all there with the same goal. Sure some of my friends are either graduating this year or have already graduated.  I'll just get to the finishing line a little later - but it'll all be worth it. As I said I'm determined, and I think that being a mature student makes my determination even stronger.

As always,

Love, Lauren x

P.s. I just googled and apparently mature students are considered to be 21 years and over, isn't that depressing?