F**k It: the ultimate spiritual way: Review.

'F**k it: the ultimate spiritual way' John C. Parkin.
Yep, that's right I even busted out the sticky tabs.
Simple, powerful, hilarious.

One of my best friends gave me this book for my birthday last year and as he passed me the present he explained he bought it for me because I "probably needed it".  And probably he was right.

I've never been one for self-help books, I suppose I'm mostly a fiction reader so it was quite exciting to be given a book that I would never have chosen to read myself.

To be honest, the book basically describes the effects of saying f**k it and implores you to adopt this new mantra:

"When you say F**k it, you let go of your hold on something - usually something that is causing you pain." P.1

Parkin claims in the 'foreplay' (that would be the preface to you and I) that it really is that simple.  You're probably asking yourselves how can saying F**k it have anything to do with spirituality or have such an effect?  Believe me I was skeptical at first too.  But, throughout the book Parkin explains that most of us in the western world have value systems made up from things that we choose to matter, meaning that we give these things power to hurt us and by saying F**k it we take that power away - by saying F**k it you move from attachment to freedom.  

So I really appreciated this message.  I'm a worrier, I think far too much and I put way too much meaning into the meaningless.  I knew all these things before I read the book but, for me, it really put things into perspective.  Parkin also describes all the things we should say F**k it to and why we should.  There's literally a section for everything so I believe there's something in this book for everyone - whether it's work, kids, money, relationships... whatever it is you need to say F**k it to you'll find reasons why you should.

The books themes are very simple.  I mean it's a self-help book dealing with attachment, meaning, freedom and religion - using Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity and spirituality to highlight the benefits of living a lifestyle free from attachment.  

Okay, maybe it's a simple book with a simple message to just say F**k it and free yourself from meaningless attachments.  But maybe sometimes we need the reminder, something clear and simple to really hit the message home.  We all have such busy and hectic lifestyles that maybe something with deeper meaning would get lost in all the confusion and stress we face daily anyway.  Not only does it do what it says on the tin but parts of the book delve a little deeper and explains the science and psychology behind this way of thinking.  It even describes the effect of conscious breathing and our posture, which I genuinely found really helpful and still try to practice.

I loved the author's writing style; simple, powerful, hilarious.  And it feels like he's speaking directly to you.  I mean it's light-hearted and funny making it much more relatable.  So it won’t be the deepest book you’ll ever read and what Parkin says can be pretty obvious but if you read it and don’t get anything out of it at least you will appreciate the humor in the book; but I am sure you will find something in there relatable to your own life… who knows maybe you’ll even start saying ‘F**k it’ more often, I know I have.

As always,

Love, Lauren x

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