The countdown begins.

In just over one month I will be a student again.  Omg. And I'm not gonna lie buuuut I started this count down when I learned I'd been accepted.

I'm sure I've already mentioned it before but in case I haven't... I'm going to Robert Gordon's University to study Journalism!!!  I'm so freakin' excited! Finally I am on the right path (I hope) and I'll be doing something I love.  I've always dreamed of a career in writing or publication but just never had the confidence to believe I would ever be good enough.

Even though I am so excited I can't help but feel... well... a little nervous.  I mean I'm starting from the very beginning, again.  I'll be a first year, again.  I'll need to make new friends, again.  It probably sounds silly and all of these changes are so exciting, but to me they're still so scary.  I can't help but think like what happens if I hate the course, or I am a terrible journalist?!  Or maybe no one will like me and I won't make any friends.  Or maybe studying after being out of education for over a year will be super hard and I will struggle so much to fit back in... who knows?  It's like the start of a new adventure; I'm sure I will love every minute of it I'm just not sure what to expect.

It's like rewinding the past three years of my life back to when I was first preparing to begin uni, but a fresh start is exactly what I need.

I have one month to prepare myself both mentally and literally for this.  And just 3 weeks to prepare my liver for freshers week (if any of my family are reading this I'm sorry but lets be real I get to re-do freshers week and I am going to enjoy every minute of it).  I suppose I don't have too much to stress over in the next month considering I already live in Aberdeen and the biggest part for new students is moving away from home... so that's something at least.  

But this time round I plan on being a good student.  I mean my first course I did work hard but I never gave 100%, I had other priorities to think about like work and other things.  I plan on making every minute of this course count though.  I am dedicated and committed to achieving my degree.  And I will get there - four years from now I will be a journalist!

We'll see how uni and student life goes for me; I suppose if it's interesting enough I probably will write more blog posts about it; but for now I can't wait for my life to completely change, to start on a course directed at me fulfilling my dreams and I am totally and utterly ready for the challenge. I think.

Until next time,

As always,

Love, Lauren x