KLH Brow Artist: I tried microblading... and I loved it.

It was just over a week ago since I visited KLH Brow Artist at Aqua Hair and Beauty in Elgin and I got my eyebrows microbladed.  It's the new trend that I'm sure most of you have heard of, but if not that's okay... I'm here to explain.

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent tattoo, but it's not quite as brutal as it sounds.  I mean the person uses tiny blades to draw individual hair-like strokes on your eyebrow using vegetable dye either to give them volume or better shape or what ever it is you require.  When you first hear tattooed eyebrows I am sure you assume they will look fake, painted on, one dimensional... But this is really not the case.  Microblading is genuinely like eyebrow embroidery and when I done a little research (by that I mean a lil bit of googling) I was surprised to see just how natural they look, genuinely.  Imagine how beneficial this kind of treatment would be for someone with alopecia or someone who has undergone chemotherapy and their eyebrows haven't grown back in properly.  Now I think that is seriously cool.

So of course I was SO keen to try it that when Kerry asked me to be a case study I jumped at the chance got my patch test done and counted down the days until brow day.

One of the treatment rooms.
The morning of brow day felt like Christmas, you know when you don't quite know what to expect but you just know it's gonna be good!  I made my way to Aqua where Kerry rents a room, I lay down on the bed and although I was so excited and keen to get started I felt so calm.  Kerry made me feel comfortable, we had a little chat and laugh and a joke and it immediately made me feel relaxed; she talked me through everything and applied some numbing cream on my eyebrows (which probably helped ease any nerves about pain) and handed me a stress banana with a cheeky giggle.

Once the numbing cream kicked in she proceeded to measure out my eyebrows and draw some outlines on them of her plans and once we were both happy with her design she picked up her blades and got to work.

All of the tools needed for
the semi-perm tattoo.
As you can see; no needle gun.
It honestly sounds more brutal than it is; if you've ever had your eyebrows threaded or waxed it's sort of like that but with the aid of the numbing cream not quite as nippy.  Take it from a whimp like me who gets the sweats at injections or getting bloods taken and can't even see the needle pierce the skin without getting all shakey inside.  I'm not gonna lie there were a couple of moments where she was blading a sensitive part I had to give my banana a wee squeeze but they were over in seconds. 

Why would a whimp like me go for such a treatment you may ask?  Probably mostly because I'm vain and want nice eyebrows and not pencilling them in every day sounds ideal, but also because listening to Kerry describe the treatment and seeing how much of an amazing job she done on her other clients I really felt at ease letting her loose with her blade on my brows and I trusted her completely.

And the proof is in the picture:

Top: Before.
Bottom: After.
(Ignore the hideous/hilarious hair net.)
Don't they look amazing?!  And let me tell you I will never get tired of hearing how great my eyebrows look, Cara Delevigne and her brows can step aside (what did I tell you, I can be quite a vain person).

This work of art took almost two hours to do, that's including waiting for the numbing cream to kick in and the time Kerry took measuring my brows to perfection.  And she was a perfectionist and her work is so meticulous.  I could never have imagined my eyebrows looking so good.

Afterwards, Kerry advised me on the aftercare which was simply washing my brows and moisturizing them with the products she gave me every two hours for the rest of the day and then sleeping with clingfilm on my eyebrows just for the first night (which everyone found hilarious of course).  After that I just had to keep applying the cream a couple of times a day to make sure they heal properly and to prevent them from scabbing over.  Really you just have to treat it like a tattoo.

I need to go for a follow up appointment to get them topped up but after that they will last for around three years!  Once they're first done they look so dramatic but after they heal they calm down look more natural but they do fade a little the first time which is why you need the follow up, and I can't wait to see how they look after the top up because let's be real here can they get any better?!

So a massive thank you to Kerry is in order for doing such a great job on my brows, I absolutely love them and I am so so happy to have tried microblading.  I would really recommend the treatment and if anyone is considering getting it done then get in touch with Kerry as she will make them perfect.

I'm sure there will be many more photos once my touch-up is done, and I can't wait to show you all the results... so until next time,

As always,

Love, Lauren x

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