My name's Lauren and I am addicted to my mobile phone and the internet.

Hello everyone, my name's Lauren and I am addicted to my mobile phone and the internet.

How did I discover this?  Clever me went and lost my phone on Tuesday night. And I had no WiFi in the flat until last night.  I felt completely cut off from the world, and yes, I did go slightly stir-crazy.

I guess I'm lucky I managed to claim my phone on my insurance but going a couple of days without it has made me realise a few things.

Genuinely, I had already been planning a blog post about the use of mobile phones.  Lately I've noticed just how much we rely on them.  Working in a restaurant I see a lot of people; it's funny because pretty much everyone on every single table is normally glued to their phone.  It's just sad when you see couples or people on dates and they're both looking at their phones rather than speaking to eachother... especially on Valentines Day.  Not only that but everywhere I look there's kids glued to their iPhones.  I swear they're getting younger and younger but parents just shove their kids on phones or tablets to keep them quiet which isn't right either; there's nothing worse than trying to talk to a wee kiddy but barely getting an answer because they're too engrossed in Angry Birds or checking their insta likes or what ever an eight year old even does on a phone.  But anyway, my point is we are all guilty of being addicted to our mobiles.  

Now, I thought being without internet was bad enough.  I've been in the new flat for about two weeks with no WiFi but at least I had my phone and my extensive collection of DVDs - re-watching Ugly Betty has gotten me through this tough time.  But then when I lost my phone that was it.

I went home on Tuesday night and I was lost without my connection to the outside world, like genuinely.  I watched some Ugly Betty but that wasn't enough.  My flatmate still hasn't moved in and having absolutely no contact with people was the worst, seriously.  I honestly struggled being alone with no one to talk to for a whole night.  I dyed my hair and just as I was ready to take a selfie and show the world I realised I couldn't... isn't that pathetic? Straight away I needed to share it with everyone, I guess that just proves how addicted to the internet we've become when as soon as you do anything there's such a strong desire to put it online.  Like anyone even cares I've dyed my hair AGAIN.  It was probably the earliest I've gone to sleep in a long time but it felt like there was simply nothing else to do!

Then, the next day I woke up and got ready, grabbed my laptop and headed to work to use their phone and WiFi in order to sort my lost phone situation. After a lot of running around Aberdeen I finally sorted all the important things for my phone and organised a replacement and when I finally came back to work to get ready to start my shift my landlord came to find me to tell me he's been calling me.  Not even 24 hours without a phone and I miss important calls.  I swear that's just bad luck.  Thankfully, some of the guys from work were going out for drinks, so instead of going home to an empty flat, phone-less and internet-less I chose the alternative, to get absolutely hammered and have a great time out.  

Thursday I dragged my hungover self out of bed, quickly got ready and came to work to wait for my replacement phone to be delivered and yes, use the WiFi.  I think if I stayed in my flat I would have been bouncing off the walls at this point.  It's quite pathetic that I literally went to just wait for the delivery, and as soon as it came I grabbed the package and ran away to set up my phone.  But at last I had a phone again and it instantly cheered me up.
The first thing I done?  Download all my social apps again.  And then when I got home last night my WiFi was ready and for the first time in a couple of weeks I managed to go on Netflix and scroll through Facebook while tweeting to my hearts content...   I went to sleep a happy girl.

But when I woke up this and checked my Facebook still so happy to be back to normality only to find that Britain voted to leave the EU I suddenly found myself wishing I didn't have my phone or any internet connection.  Funnily enough it's true what they say 'be careful what you wish for'.

So anyway, like I said my few days without a phone and the couple of weeks without any internet taught me a few things.  I am completely addicted to my phone, and that's just sad.  We all rely far too much on technology, we're all being sucked into it too much and would rather communicate over a device than by actually speaking to one another.  Maybe it's time to put the phones away, close the laptops and actually start living in the moment instead of living through a screen.  

I have decided to make more of an effort to put my phone away instead of being completely absorbed in my online life.  I want to enjoy life and not be sat engrossed by a screen, but I guess if you really think about it we'll never give up technology. Saying that though I think even just this small change will benefit me a lot. We'll see how long it lasts.

But for now my break is almost over and I need to go back to work.  I hope you all enjoy your weekend, and really enjoy it - not just sitting and staring at your screen and not moving for the whole weekend.

As always,

Love, Lauren x