'Happily' by Sophie Tanner: Review.

Heart-warming, inspirational and absolutely hilarious.

The story of Chloe Usher is not like any ‘chick-lit’ I have ever read.  Through Chloe’s journey to find her ‘happily ever after’ with her unconventional self-marriage we, as the reader, discover that you do not need a man to be content with life.  Chloe is a normal woman struggling to deal with the pressures placed on women by society to find the ‘one’ and settle down.  She makes it clear that you don’t need the one if you can be the one for yourself. 

Chloe lives in Brighton and is involved in a number of different circles, like her ‘grown-up and settled down friends’ and then her normal group which includes members of the LGBT community… but Chloe herself is a heterosexual, just tired of the dated idea that you need a man to complete you.  I think this story really resonates with society today as many young girls are realising that they don’t need marriage, or a man to complete them – they can enjoy their lives whichever way they choose.  In a world where we have marriage, gay marriage, why not have ‘self-marriage’. 

From the very early beginning of the book Chloe decides to marry herself and it’s inspiring to follow her along on this journey of self-discovery.  She has the support of her family, besides her father who thinks she’s being crazy.  She also receives waves of support from the world when the news of her self-marriage goes viral, but she also has to deal with the other side of fame - internet ‘trolls’ who act so negatively towards her news.  Throughout the book it feels like you are on this journey with Chloe every moment of the way.  You get to experience this brand new idea through her life.  This is the brilliant thing about literature.

Sophie Tanner, just like Chloe, married herself which you can read all about on her website.  This makes her portrayal of Chloe’s journey even more powerful as you realise that a lot of this story came from the heart of the writer.  Now this is an idea I’ve never thought of, and I absolutely love reading something completely new; I love how unique an idea this is and really would recommend this book just for it’s originality. 

Like I said, I would recommend reading this book.  You can get it on Amazon right now for just 99p, an absolute bargain for such a great story.  It’s funny, easy to read but has a very powerful message that it is important to love yourself.  This book isn’t telling the readers you can’t have both a relationship and love yourself, it conveys the idea that it is possible to have it all.  And why shouldn’t you?  How far will you go for your Happily Ever After?  Read the book and maybe, just maybe you will figure it out for yourself.