The Power of the Simple: part 4.

My driving instructor once told me “You’re too focused on the small details that you forget how to drive sometimes.”  I was trying to find the second turn on the right and forgot to slow down and change gear in order to go around the corner, but look who’s still here?!  Anyway, I think he put it rather well and I’ve been thinking a lot about what he said.  Am I too focused on the little things that I forget about the bigger picture?

Even just now, I’m sat on the train trying to write a personal statement and I stop for a moment and look out the window; straight away I see a pheasant then followed by a little bunny and then some old ruins on top of a hill that I’ve never noticed before even though I’ve taken this very same train so many times I can’t even remember anymore.

This can be related to my blog as I am in the middle of reading a book for a review but I'm so focused on that one post until now I have been unable to really write much else. 

But on a broader scale what does it mean?  What am I missing out on in life because I am too busy obsessing over the small and minor things?

Probably I am far too obsessive, a bit of a perfectionist, if anything is worth doing it’s worth doing it right.  I write to-do lists and try and plan my whole life out, although I have learned that it is impossible to plan everything… I still try.  My friend calls me a micro-manager.  But maybe this is my problem, maybe this is society’s problem.  Maybe we are all too focused, too goal orientated, maybe we do forget the simple but important things in life.  Maybe we’re all too busy going from A to B (even to C) to stop and appreciate the world around us.  For example, when you go away somewhere, whether it’s for a night, a couple of nights a week or whatever, you see things in a new light, you have time to stop and enjoy the little things, you have time to switch off even for a little while.   Maybe we need more of this in life and less of our hectic schedules, I know it’s not always possible but maybe we need to stop hurtling through life as if we have all the time in the world before we eventually realise we are running out of time.

Or maybe I am just full of maybes.  Or maybe I am just busy procrastinating from writing my bloody personal statement.  I guess what I’m getting at is sometimes just stop; take a deep breath, have a look around you, relax and do more of what you love.  Look after yourself, because life is too short to whittle it away.

As always,
Love, Lauren x