Profile Hair: May is for... Makeovers?

Hello lovelies!

I'm in the middle of giving my blog a wee makeover as you may have seen, finally!  Apparently May is for Makeovers because the blog is not the only thing that I have freshened up, I myself have made some changes.

The before... AND the after!

Yep!  That's right, I'm a blondie again and I am absolutely loving it!  Okay, so I actually got my hair done at the end of April, just in time for May so that still counts right?  For my transformation I decided to try out a new place in Aberdeen and booked with Profile Hair on Huntly Street.  From the outside it looks deceptively small, but once you go inside it's like you've stepped into a funky, quirky and completely unique little haven.  I mean seriously I love the decor and the atmosphere of this salon; wooden walls and flooring, corrugated steel walls around the hair wash area and dotted around are pastel coloured skull candles (I want... no I need one!) and pieces of rock-chic jewelry from the MINE collection.  It's such an interesting mixture of relaxing and trendy and edgy.  I love it.

As I just mentioned the MINE jewelry collection is featured in the salon and the owner Amy Donaldson told me it is another passion of hers - she even creates some of her own jewelry which isn't featured in her collection... yet?!  I can't wait to see what else MINE has to offer as there was only a small collection of items in the salon at the time.  It turns out one Saturday a month Profile transforms from a salon to a boutique where MINE is properly displayed and the collection includes pieces from totally unique and original designers.  Next time the boutique is on I will definitely be checking it out (at the bottom of this post there's a link that will tell you all about MINE and when the boutique is open).

Anyways, back to my hair.  So Paul cut and coloured my hair and he was simply just lovely.  I mean he seemed so experienced, genuine and was great to sit and chat away to as he transformed my hair.  I really enjoyed my experience in the salon with him and he gave me exactly what I wanted.  Not only that he then told me that they use a really gentle bleach, so I was gladly surprised to find my hair was still in such great condition after the treatment as I had expected it to be dry or at least a bit damaged.  

It's so refreshing to leave a salon and feel, well, a million bucks haha!  I mean I've spent a lot more money in other salons to come out and like my hair but not LOVE it you know what I mean?  I will definitely be back to visit again soon, but until then I'm just gonna keep enjoying being blonde (again!) I feel so refreshed, and bubbly and like the old Lauren again finally!

So, until next time,

Love, Lauren x