Kildrummy Park Castle

Hello May!

And happy Sunday folks!  I hope everyone is enjoying their weekends as much as I am.  So last Sunday it was my sister's birthday and we took her to Kildrummy Park Castle for the day.  It was so Downton Abbey-esque... and we loved every minute of it!  

Kildrummy Castle is about an hours drive outside of Aberdeen near Alford.  The castle itself is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, completely surrounded by the countryside and wildlife which is honestly amazing.  It's so serene and relaxing that if you were going to stay overnight in their hotel I'm sure you wouldn't want to leave - heck I didn't want to leave!  

We had an amazing 3 course meal; mushroom fricasse, fresh fish and chips and sticky toffee pudding.  It was all so good, we were too late to order off the lunch menu so we were given the bar menu which was still full of good choices... but I would love to see what their other menus are like!  From what we saw it looked like everything was fresh and local such a refreshing change nowadays to be honest.  I wish I'd taken photos of it all but I was far too excited to eat I completely forgot, oops. 
The old castle ruins close to Kildrummy Park.
Now my favourite part was looking around the castle, one of our friends works there so once he finished he took us around the grounds and we saw so much wildlife!  There were baby bunnies, pheasants and so many different birds all over the place and I
loved it!  We were going to go down to the old castle ruins but it was so cold and it was going to get dark soon so we decided to leave it until next time, at least that's a reason to go back sometime soon.  After exploring the grounds a bit we had a look around all the rooms downstairs in the castle that are open to guests to visit and they were just beautiful.  Our friend told us that all of the rooms have been left as original as possible which really adds to the castles authentic and historic look.  Here's just a few pictures I managed to get:

A fireplace in the hallway of the reception.
The Drawing Room.
The Library - my favourite room.
I have so many more photos but I won't completely ruin it for everyone, I'll leave it for you guys to go and see for yourselves!

So all in all I absolutely loved the visit and so did my sister.  The food was so good, the location perfect and the castle was just beautiful - it truly deserves it's 4 stars!  I honestly would recommend going here, even just for a meal or if you have any special occassions I am sure staying in the castle would be a perfect way to celebrate... I wish I had a good excuse to stay there.  I'm sure we'll be back sometime soon anyways.

As always,

Love, Lauren x