Diggin' in and gettin' dirty at the Boozy Cow.

"We don't use plates here, or forks and knives... you share your food on a tray, use your fingers, get dirty and dig in."  The waiter advised us, he then went on to say "The person you're sat across from is who you'll be sharing a tray with." leading the four of us to each eye up our respective tray sharing buddy.  This was our first time eating at the Boozy Cow, one of my friends had tried the Edinburgh one and I had been in for some drinks at the one down by the Illicit Still but none of us had been to the new restaurant on Langstane Place.

The place is so freakin cool!  It's so relaxed, modern, and quirky... and not only that it donates all of it's profits to charities.  So once I heard this I done a little bit of research (all of the information can be found on their website - so I guess I didn't have to look too far) and they donate to local charities such as CHAS and the Archie Foundation, the VSA and the STV Children's Appeal.  How cool is that?  The mission statement on their site even explains:

"Garreth Wood’s latest venture aims to pour up to £1million into charitable causes by 2018."

I think it's so admirable that the owner has invested so much time and money into this and that even in this economy where everyone seems to be struggling he has devoted the successful Boozy Cow chain to helping local charities.  Not only that I think it makes dining there so much more fun, it's for a good cause and in all honesty I'd much rather my money went to good use. 

Check out all that burgery-
Impressed to find that this had
real pieces of popcorn!

When our trays full of food arrived we really did just dig in and literally get dirty - it's a good thing they leave a kitchen roll on your table for you, cos we definitely needed a lot! Bacon cheeseburgers, fries, onion rings, popcorn chicken all the typical burger bar food... but these burgers tasted so fresh and they were so juicy, absolutely the best burgers I've had in a long time.  All of the food was great, I just wish we'd had room for one of their desserts or a boozy milkshake or something  but we were honestly just stuffed.  Seriously, if nothing else tempts you to go the food definitely will and it's not all just beef burgers!  They have chicken or veggie options, salads, hot dogs... there definitely is something for everyone here.  

AND one of my favourite things about this restaurant?  Yep, that's right the ladies toilets!  I mean I don't know if they decorate the men's in this way but the stalls are covered in inspiration quotes... I know it's sad but who doesn't love an inspirational quote when they visit the little girl's room?  I definitely do.

Well to be honest the whole place is decorated like this, and I just love it!  But the feminist quotes and everything in their loos are a real hit with me. It's so fresh and on trend but at the same time so laid back and it's really nothing too sophisticated - really it's perfect.  

Next time you're planning on going out for some food you just have to try this place out!  So chilled out, the no plates and cutlery rule just adds to the fun and with all of the profits going to our own local charities how can you say no? It's an amazing idea, with amazing food, and an amazing atmosphere, what more could you want?  I know we'll definitely be back again soon.

So as always,

Love, Lauren x