A weekend in the Hideaway.


In my previous post I mentioned that we were going away for the weekend. Two of our friends are moving back the Czech so we threw a good leaving party that lasted all weekend.   One of the group members found an amazing place near Banchory that would fit all 13 of us called the Hideaway.  When I was told about this place it was described as a cottage... but there is no way this place is a cottage!  It is so big, and beautiful, the surrounding scenery was breathtaking, definitely a country house - but not what my idea of a cottage is... anyways we were off to the 'cottage'!  

The Cottage.

Our view.
It was about a 45 minute drive from Aberdeen and we all brought heaps of food for the BBQ they had at the cottage and, of course, lots of alcohol.  It was honestly amazing.  On the ground floor there were 3 big bedrooms and up the stairs the attic was converted to a fourth and fifth bedroom but we managed to squeeze more people up there. 

We arrived there Friday evening and left on Sunday evening.  And what can I say about what we all got up to?  Well the plan had been to go for some hikes and enjoy the beautiful countryside that we were surrounded by.  But we were all far too hungover to go anywhere on Saturday (shame on us!).  On the Saturday we made some food and we all ended up needing to go for a recovery nap after some hearty goulash before the evening drinking commenced.  So after our naps we started up the grill, got some card games on the go and had another great night in the cottage.  Then on the Sunday we all lazed about enjoying our last day in the cottage, and played some more cards out in the sun as it was a beautiful day! 

However, we did manage to visit Craigiever Castle and go for a walk around the grounds... so we weren't totally bad right?!

The gang.
The group at the cottage were absolutely crazy and we all had such a good laugh.  Really it was the best send off and we spent the whole weekend drinking, eating and relaxing which I think we all needed.  In fact I'm sure when I surfaced at 11ish on Saturday I was greeted with a shot of Morgans Spiced... eugh.  I don't think I'll be drinking Morgans for a long time.

That's 18 bottles... to be exact.
Honestly, going back to normal life on Monday was so difficult, I think we all miss the crazy times we had together in the cottage.  I loved it there, and although it's so sad to say goodbye to our friends it's exciting to see them start their new adventure.  Like I said it was the best send off and a good excuse for everyone to get together and just have an amazing weekend, hopefully we will have many more trips together.

So finally I would like to wish this crazy woman good luck in her new adventure with her lovely boyfriend, we will all miss them both.

Anyways, as always,

Love, Lauren x