The power of the simple: part 3.

Good morning my lovelies,

I've decided to make 'the power of the simple' a sort of series in my blog, and so this third post is about spontaneity.  Life seems to get a bit repetitive and boring I think; you end up doing the same old thing day-in day-out.  You don't really take advantage of the time you have or the opportunities you are given, so doing anything out of the norm can be good for you... even something so simple!

Last week one of my old friends messaged me after I posted on Facebook about my break from blogging and after chatting we decided since we both had days off we would meet up for some lunch.  I love spontaneous lunch dates and catching up with people you haven't seen in what feels like forever, so I was already pretty excited about meeting up.  However, once we met up my friend suggested we go somewhere different other than Elgin - she said we should just get on the next bus and see where we end up.  So off we went to the bus station and the next bus we could get would take us to Fochabers which meant we could go to Baxters for lunch!  

Okay, so Fochabers isn't exactly far from Elgin and we've both been to Baxters before but it was such a nice feeling just to get away and go somewhere different for a change; we went on a wee adventure!  It was such a beautiful day for a change, the sun was shinning, we were sat outside eating some good food and having a decent catch up before having a wander around the shops and the River Spey before heading back home.  Not only that my boyfriend messaged me asking if I wanted to go for a walk so he met me off the bus and we went for a nice wander and he had a blanket and juice and everything so we could just sit and enjoy the sunshine.  It was pretty cute!

For me this day was perfect: catching up with old friends, doing something different and then spending the rest of the day relaxing with my boyfriend.  And doing something so spontaneous such as going somewhere different is actually so refreshing and so much better than wasting a beautiful day off doing the same old.  It really is the simple things in life that are the best.  So next time you have a day off and seem to be at a loose end, find a partner go on an adventure (it doesn't matter where) and just do something new - create some memories.  Who knew something so simple would do you so much good. 

As always,

Love, Lauren x