The power of the simple: part 2.


So for my birthday last year my boyfriend made me an amazing present.  I mean he actually made me something!  How sweet is he?! No one has ever gave me such a thoughtful gift before.  It's so beautiful, he got some wood from a whisky cast that had the cork hole in it and sanded it down, varnished it, drilled some holes in it big enough for some tea lights and made a totally unique candle holder for me.  The description doesn't do it justice.

For some reason this is the best picture I
can get with the whole length of the wood.
But isn't it beautiful?!

Something so simple as just making me a gift meant so much more to me than anything he could ever buy; cheesy I know.  But still it was thoughtful and he made it special.

This got me thinking.  For his Christmas maybe I could make him a present, but what?  I knew I couldn't compete with the candle holder and I am one of those people with the confidence of a slug so before I even thought of an idea I thought my attempt would be inadequate.  But whatever it's the thought that counts and I wanted to show him I could be thoughtful too.  After hours of trawling through pinterest and Google I finally had some ideas - for not just one homemade gift but three!  This was exciting but I couldn't help but feel a little nervous about these ideas.

As you can see all the candles have handmade
tags saying what scents the candles have and I
chose; Peppermint, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus and
finally Frankincense, Myrrh and Lavender.   
I ended up making him three soy candles all with different scents, coasters with pictures of all the places we've talked about going together and a friendship bracelet (I have the matching one on my ankle).  Its not about giving or receiving some amazing expensive present and then going on to Facebook to brag about what 'Santa' brought you.  It's about the thought behind the gifts and being thankful for the people in your life who make it special.  And I'm actually so grateful that my boyfriend taught me this valuable lesson.

Six coasters with cut-outs from an Atlas of all
the places we want to go together; something simple
can be made so personal and meaningful.

So this was probably more of a Christmas post but I'm sat on the train just thinking about life and everything and this was something I've wanted to write about for a while so I'm glad I finally got round to it.

He loved his presents by the way and I would highly recommend showing the people you love just how much they mean to you by taking the time to make them something, anything, even just for no reason other than to show them you care (or for Valentine's day which is coming up very soon!).  It will mean so much more to them than anything you could ever buy.  Especially in today's society where consumerism rules and everywhere you look there's someone wanting you to buy their brand spanking new product.  Don't be suckered in, be different.  So maybe you're not so creative to think up your own idea, look online and I promise you'll find something - really there's just no excuse or reason for you not to do it.  Just some food for thought.

Well anyways, good bye for now,

Love, Lauren x

New year, new me: but probably not.

Happy New Year! I really hope that 2016 brings all of you happiness, health and love.

Now, I don't know about guys but the end of 2015 got me thinking - quite a lot!  2015 was probably the worst year of my life, especially the last few months (which is the reason for my lack of blogging but I don't feel ready to talk about it too much yet!).  However, when 2015 came around I thought it was gonna be my year.  Honestly, I had it all planned; my second year at uni, I was determined to lose weight and get myself healthy, there was a wedding, my first girly holiday and a couple of 50th birthdays a 30th and my 21st! So many celebrations, all I expected from my year was a whole lot of fun and a lot of hangovers.

But as the saying goes the best laid plans and all that.  And so I found myself leaving uni, moving back home, cancelling my holiday and completely changing my life.  Of course there were good things about the past year and it wasn't all bad, I've had some good times, started seeing David and got to spend quality time with my family.  And that is enough for me.

Well anyway last year was a roller coaster,  and part of me is glad it's over... except for the fact that this year is the first I've started without my Mum and I doubt 2016 will be any easier without her.  In fact I know it won't be.  But I've thought a lot about this year and my 'fresh start'.

I don't really believe in new years resolutions. I mean for the past 5 or so years they've pretty much always been the same: lose weight, do well at school/uni, swear less, drink less etc etc. I've only ever succeeded at one and it turns out that one doesn't even matter anymore since I've decided to drop out of uni!  So really every year I've failed and every year I still try, but this year is going to be different.  So really it is 'New Year, new me' but this new me accepts the old me (confusing I know but I honestly can't think of a better way to word it).  And not only that I'm not gonna plan my whole year again, I'm just gonna take it as it comes and enjoy life.  I've spent my whole life planning and really it just doesn't work out the way you want it to - like ever.

I've also decided to think of a few things and make some small changes.  I really want to start thinking about the important things in life; take more interest in what's actually going on in the world, spend more time with the people I love, take time to figure myself out and do the things I love instead of the things I think I have to do.  We'll see how long this lasts but really all I want out of this new year is to be happy and no matter what life throws at me I'll try my best (I've already been through the worst anyways).

Really I have no expectations, and for the first time in my life I'm going to try and just take it easy and do what I want.  I guess you guys will find out how this all goes as from now on I will try and make time for blogging.
So good bye for now,

Love, Lauren x