The power of the simple.

Good morning!

Isn't this just the best kind of mail?!

What a week I've been having; between severe backache, barely sleeping, catching a cold and all the other stress that comes along when you're feeling down... I'm so glad it's almost over!  You know when everything just seems to go wrong and no matter what you do you just feel down?  That's the kind of week I've been having.  However, yesterday I received a cute card from one of my friends from Aberdeen and it honestly cheered me up so so much!

This is the third friend who has actually wrote to me and yesterday it made me realise just how thankful I am for these little cards and letters and just how much they lift me up.  It is honestly amazing how something so simple can effect you so positively, and not only that it means so much to me that my friends have taken the time to write to me and haven't forgotten me now that I'm back home.  It's such an odd feeling to know everyone is back in Aberdeen and this has been their first week back at Uni - so I am so grateful to know that they are thinking about me.

Even this is sweet... even if it's slightly offensive.
Not only that but writing letters back is equally as cute!  I mean I don't even have much to say in all honesty but it is so relaxing and meaningful, that after I write this post I'm away to write a reply and even just that has got me all excited.

I guess at times like these it's the little things that make you appreciate what you have, and it's made me learn that you should take the time; write to your pals, sit down and write to them even if it's a paragraph but the effort is so much more meaningful than a quick text or facebook message.  What I'm saying is show the ones you love that you care, even if it is something so simple or even just telling them you love them, you never know you might just give them that boost that they need.  I am so lucky to have the friends that I do, at home and back in Aberdeen... but now I am off to go write my reply, so until next time!

Love, Lauren x