The Drouthy Cobbler

I've been living back home in Elgin for about three months now and to be honest I've settled back into life pretty well here.  But I will tell you one thing I miss about Aberdeen (other than my friends and work and uni obviously) - a good cocktail.  In Aberdeen there's nice, funky and unique bars all over the place... you have some amazing places to chose from which is something Elgin lacks. 

That is until I discovered Elgin's hidden gem - the Drouthy Cobbler.  It's exactly what Elgin needs!  I know it's been around for quite a while but I'd never really been in it before but it is honestly so cool and fresh and different from all the other bars in Elgin.

From the minute you walk into the bar you're greeted with a smile and a warm welcome.  The servers and bartenders all seem to be so friendly and genuine that you feel right at home, the whole atmosphere of the bar is really relaxed and warm - a place where you can go to chill for sure.  I love it.

Then you are spoiled for choice with the selection of drinks!  From what I could see they had a massive selection of whiskys, local beer (more unique than the normal selection of Tenants, Stella and Budweiser!), ciders and, most importantly, cocktails!  Finally, a bar in Elgin that makes proper cocktails.  Their cocktail list isn't massive but it certainly is impressive!

Not only that they also have a food menu which I will definitely be trying sometime soon I hope!  All in all I think the Drouthy Cobbler is a lovely little bar, with friendly attentive staff a warm atmosphere and some amazing drinks.  It is most definitely a place to check out if, like myself, you haven't already!

Bye for now,

Love, Lauren x