There's something Wicked going on in Aberdeen.

Ok, so yesterday my family and I went to see Wicked at His Majesty's Theatre and it was A-MA-ZING.  Seriously.  

I had planned on writing about it last night when I got in but instead I shamefully got slightly intoxicated, and so when I stumbled through my door at 9.30 on a Saturday night (which is very rare that I'm off) I of course fell straight asleep. 

But it was some nice cocktails in Siberia and the Office,
so that makes it classy drinks at least, okay?

Well anyway, I'm sat on my break munching on a fry up to help my delicate body cope with my shift and I am going to try remember as much of the show as possible.

About 7 years ago I had gone to see Wicked in London whilst on a school trip and to be honest I was pretty young so all I could really remember about it was the main story line and the fact that I really, really liked it.  So for me this production had a lot to live up to.  London was a massive show with amazing sets and really talented actresses and actors.  It was so glitz and glam.  But in all honesty, I think I preferred this production up in Aberdeen...

I mean sure, Aberdeen has a smaller stage, the theatre in itself is smaller and older but honestly the crew made it magical.  The small stage was utterly transformed into a place far far away from grey and dull Aberdeen and the audience were completely transported into the new, bright and shiny world of Oz.

The sets were magnificent, they completely changed the atmosphere and the costumes looked like they were a crazy mix of Gatsby and the modern themes from the Capitol in the Hunger Games.  The costumes and the make-up and the hair were all so creative and amazing and I loved it all!  It must take a great deal of dedication to be painted green every single day (I imagine that scrubbing it off would be just as dedicating!  I can just see the star walking around Aberdeen still covered in small patches of green really!).  It genuinely felt like you were part of the action.  

Not only that, the show in itself was fantastic!  The acting and the singing was just so good, even at points funny.  Like so funny the whole theatre were laughing.  And the story line!  It genuinely appeals to all ages, I loved it when I was younger and we went along with younger cousins and grandparents and everyone along the spectrum genuinely loved it and took something from the show.  It's the story of a young girl who is basically made an outcast from the society she lives in because there is something different about her (ok, so she was born green - admittedly that is really strange but come on) she goes to university where she finally makes some friends and finds herself.  However, through a series of circumstances she is betrayed and once more made an outcast whilst her friendships and relationships are put to the test.  

I believe that the message of the show is that no matter what people think of you, or how they treat you, you should always remain true to yourself.  Beauty is within - no matter if you're green or what ever you are beautiful.  I think that this is just as relevant in the society that we live in where people come in all shapes, sizes, colours. Don't judge a book by it's cover.  

Another important message is the power of friendship.  The two girls are completely different; Galinda is conventionally beautiful, popular and good whereas Elpheba is 'ugly' (or at least described as ugly, but what ever) and has no friends and is thought to be wicked.  But, despite these differences the girls come together and no matter what they remain good friends - even when a man comes between them (ugh! men!).  And for me, this is vital.  Especially right now as lately I've discovered who my true friends are and how much I need them.

If you took anything else from the show I would love to hear about it, or even just what you thought about it overall - feel free to just pop me a comment!  I mean this is all just my opinion after all.

As you can see a very drunk me feeling very
happy with myself when I got home last night!
So yeah, I just truly loved the show and I would go back in a heartbeat!  A massive congratulations to the team who done an absolutely wonderful job - 5 out of 5 stars for sure.

Bye for now,

Love, Lauren x