A short Introduction.

A great big Hello,

So once again I am following the trend which has led to me to setting up my very own blog.  All through high school and my past two years at University I have been addicted to Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr; three very different social media sites with three very different purposes.  However, they all have one thing in common and that is the effect they can have on people.

To begin Twitter is fantastic! 140 characters to say exactly how you feel, a short rant, a shared memory.  Yet most tweets appear to center around subliminal messages, bitching and laughing at people - it may be harmless fun but I feel like I'm growing bored of hearing the same people doing the same thing and still talking about the same person they were 4/5 years ago when I first began tweeting.  

Facebook is an amazing way to keep in contact with all my friends from home, from uni and all the people who have moved away.  And although I, like any other human being, absolutely love finding out what everyone I know is doing I can't stop myself from feeling a pang of jealousy.  Look at my friend who's moved to AUSTRALIA. Why am I still stuck in Scotland? Not only that I always feel judged whenever I post anything on Facebook because lets be real everyone I know uses Facebook.  Everyone apart from my Granny - thank God!

And finally Tumblr.  Well Tumblr constitutes to hours of scrolling and procrastination, looking at pretty pictures and reading inspirational quotes.  But like other social sites Tumblr has it's dark side, I can't scroll too far without seeing something about self-harming or drugs or thinspo.  Tumblr may highlight a few issues but it also glorifies many of them, and soon I'll be 21 (although it pains me to say it) I am bored of teenage angst and heartbreak. 

So here we have it, a solution to my problem was to create a blog.  All for me.  Over the past couple of weeks my life has been turned upside down, inside out and all topsy turvey.  I've had family issues, I've decided to take a year out of university, I'm moving back home for a year and I feel like I'm only just discovering anything about who I really am.  So rather than taking to the social sites I've decided I want somewhere where I can be me and vent or simply just escape from life.  

Because lets face it we all need to have a release and an escape from reality every once in a while.  

So here are some facts about myself.  My name is Lauren, in August I will turn 21 years old (eek), I am a second year history student at Aberdeen University however as previously mentioned I am taking a year out and so I will be moving back to my home town Elgin soon.  I'm a part-time waitress, I love my family and friends and I have a passion for all things creative.  And there we have it, I'm just an ordinary girl looking to move on and find some release.  So until next time...

Love, Lauren x