Review: Food Inc.

A while back my boyfriend suggested I watched Food Inc. and as soon as I heard what it was about I was interested.  I mean don't we all deserve to know where our food comes from, how it is produced and what we are actually putting into our bodies day in and day out?  He warned me that it was quite horrifying and upsetting but I was no where near ready for what I saw.  

Okay, so it's a film that depicts agricultural production in the US, but at the same time it is interesting to see how America leads by example... and really are we that much different?  

According to the film the way we eat food has changed more in 50 years time than in the past 10'000 years.  There appears to be a pastoral fantasy surrounding the idea where our food comes from; however these 'farms' are more like factories.  Where meat is mass produced quickly and efficiently and crops grow regardless of season to meet the ever growing demands of the world and the economic and legal power of the corporations that control the food production are immense.

The film starts off by looking at meat production.  For me, this was probably the most upsetting part of the film as somehow the producers managed to gain access to chicken farms, CAFOs and slaughterhouses.  Meat production centers around the aim to produce a lot of food on a small amount of land at a very small price.  The treatment that the animals receive is utterly disgusting, the first example given is Tyson which is a poultry farm - a simple google search led me to learn that Tyson is the world's second largest producer of chicken, beef and pork and it employs roughly 115'000 people.  Vince Edwards, a Tyson grower, is interviewed and he describes how he runs 16 chicken houses and he has about 300'000 chickens and they grow their chickens in 49 days.  Now I think that is incredible and not in a good way!  49 days?  The chickens that they produce are pumped full of water and chemicals and God knows what else to make them grow so quickly?!  Not only that but he tells us that the chickens never see daylight?  It's quite sad to think that these living beings are born into darkness and appalling conditions to be killed after 49 miserable days.  What sort of life is this?  Vince Edwards was going to show the crew inside his chicken houses, however, Tyson wouldn't allow it.  

The inside of a Perdue Poultry Farm
So they found another farmer who would allow them to see inside their chicken house; and this farmer belonged to Perdue Farms, another major poultry farmer in the US.  Carole Morison agrees  that this 'farming' is wrong and speaks out, although, later we learn that it lost her her job.  She describes it as mass production as opposed to farming, which is exactly what she shows us.  Insied the house the chickens are crammed together, and there is dust and feces everywhere.  The chickens have many problems with their bones and internal organs as a result of the rapid weight growth, they can't walk properly and many of them are sick.  And to make it worse, this is the food that we are putting into our bodies?  Sick, disabled and poorly treated chickens?  What effect can that have on us?  It becomes clear that the companies control the farmers and that they don't care how their food is produced as long as they are making profit and fast. 

Have you ever heard of a CAFO?  No?  Neither had I.  A Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation that confines animals for more than 45 days in growing season, in an area that does not produce vegetation and meets certain size thresholds.   Doesn't it just sound absolutely horrific?  This is where cattle and swine are 'farmed'.  Cows are naturally designed to eat grass, however, these cows are fed corn because it is so cheap and fattening.  This corn diet then produces a mutation within the cows as e-coli bacteria in their stomach.  The animals are then standing ankle deep in their own manure and so all the animals will have the e-coli bacteria and their fur will be covered in it.  A slaughterhouse kills 400 animals per hour.  These animals that are caked in manure will then be cut up and inevitably the bacteria will go onto the carcass and be introduced into the food system.  This is shocking.  I mean, something as harmful as e-coli was basically created out of human greed.  And we as consumers pay the price of our demands.  

So then instead of changing the system in order to stop e-coli, producers come up with something new: meat is then cleansed with ammonia to kill the bacteria.  it's disgusting.  Absolutely disgusting that instead of just changing the way that the animals are treated they find another cheaper option to carry on with their money making system.  

I definitely think it's one of those things you have to see to understand fully just what is happening, and how horribly these animals are being treated.  I mean here in Scotland everywhere you go you see cows and sheep roaming around fields and even pigs and chickens out in the open fresh air.  Maybe we take this for granted, or maybe we will evolve like America and begin to modernise and adapt to meet the demands of the ever growing population and need to make money.  Not only that, in supermarkets and shops if you look at where some of the meat comes from its actually cheaper to import this factory meat from places like America than buy healthy fresh meat from our own country.  And not only that I am so glad that I always try to chose organic and free range food or buy meat from local butchers because at least then I know where my food comes from and that the animals were able to live a happier healthier life than many of these mass produced animals.  It's sad that to eat better costs more money but when I see things like this I realise I am not so bothered about the price, and I wish that more people shared this view. 

Consumers are kept in the dark about where their food is coming from and what damage it does, individual consumers can change this though.  By chosing organic, free range food then the shops will begin to sell more and more organic and free range products to meet the demand.  The people need to demand wholesome food, and at the very least I think you should stop and wonder where your food has come from or how it was produced before you buy it.  And think about how it will effect your body.  I know I will.

Thank you, and goodbye for now,

Love, Lauren x

Sugar Rush: the results

Okay, so it turns out this was a lot harder than I expected, especially for someone like me considering we make fresh meals and I am so forgetful and so actually remembering to look at packets was a hassle!  But I tried my best and I managed to do it for 4 days.  To be honest some of the results came as quite a shock to me;

Day 1

Coffee - 1 sugar
Banana - 3 teaspoons

Kit Kat - 2.5 sugar
Fresh innocent orange juice - 8 teaspoons (just a glass of fresh orange juice pushed me over the daily limit and it is supposed to be good for you?!)

Cheese and onion toastie - 1 sugar

Roast chicken with all the veg - it was all homemade so I couldn't count the sugar
Strawberry tart however - 3 sugars

Total - 18.5

Day 2

Porridge - 4 sugars
Coffee -1 sugar

Homemade lentil soup with bread - 0.5 sugar for the bread

Chocolate bar - I grazed on throughout the day (it was my sister, she's a bad influence giving me a massive bar of chocolate that I couldn't resist!) - 14 sugars.

Homemade mince pie and potatoes - once again couldn't count the sugar

Total - 19.5

Day 3

Yeo Valley natural organic yogurt - 6 sugars
coffee - 1 sugar

I had a bad day, didn't stop to eat until dinner time...

pie and potatoes so couldn't measure the sugar...
then a Fab ice lolly - 2.5 sugars

Total - 9.5

Day 4

Egg roll - 0.5
Coffee - 1 sugar 

Pizza - 1 sugar in half
Frijj milkshake drink - 2.5 sugars

Chicken Madras and boiled rice from Indian - 2.5 sugars (simply a google search to see roughly how much)
I was very bad and had a can of coke - 9 sugars

Tunnocks snowball - 3 sugars
Coffee - 1 sugar

Total - 18.5

So really, on average, I am going over the recommended daily sugar intake by almost 10 teaspoons of sugar, which amounts to a lot.  That's 70 extra teaspoons a week!  Not only that I was surprised about the amount of sugar in things I thought to be healthy; like porridge, orange juice and organic yogurt! And I didn't even count all of the sugar in homemade meals or any hidden sugars.  I don't know about anyone else but I think the results are quite scary. 

Maybe you should give it a try and see just how much sugar you consume in a day?  It's easy to measure as a teaspoon is 4 grams of sugar, however, I think the struggle is actually remembering to count the sugar or even think about looking at the packets or trying to limit yourself to 7 teaspoons a day. 

I definitely will try and make the conscious effort to stay away from sugar, but it seems to be everywhere!  That's why I think Jamie Oliver has set a massive example in trying to get our government to act.  And I really hope they do.

Well, until next time!

Love, Lauren x

Jamie's Sugar Rush: what is the price to pay?

By now probably everyone has heard of Jamie Oliver's Sugar Rush and his idea to introduce a tax on sugary drinks.  I don't know how anyone else felt when they watched it but i was scared.  I mean really scared.  And if you haven't watched it by now you most definitely should.

So the programme starts off in a hospital where a little boy is getting his teeth yanked out; the reason for this?  Sugar had decayed his teeth beyond repair.  They were literally rotten and hollow.  And the worst part is that he wasn't the only kid scheduled for that procedure that day, there were four more.  26'000 primary school kids go through this procedure in the UK, that is a massive number costing the NHS a whopping £30 million per year.  I think it's shocking that kids need their teeth ripped out for a totally avoidable reason, because the surgeon even said that sugar is 100% responsible for this.  Even more worryingly he said that even if you brush your teeth twice a day if you're consuming sugar throughout your day it won't make a difference.  Really you're not helping yourself, the only way to help is to cut down on your sugary intake. 

Now I really did not think we had such a massive problem here, and this is just highlighting the effect it has on kids... what about the adults who go through this?  Or even the kids who destroy their teeth at such a young age, how will it effect them in their adult life?  This is scary, I take good care of my teeth but to see that in reality I'm not actually preventing the effects that sugar has is horrifying.   

Jamie Oliver also discusses another major health problem caused by a high sugared diet; Diabetes type 2.  In the UK alone there are 3.5 million people with the disease which costs the NHS £9 billion per year.  That's 10% of the NHS budget.  Now I think we all agree that diabetes is a problem especially type 2 which can be effected by our diets and to an extent could be avoidable.  I mean my flatmate has type 1 diabetes and she literally could not have done anything to prevent this and that's completely different.  If health experts are saying we can avoid type 2 through changing our diet why are we not doing more to prevent it?!  What is the point of all these vaccinations and smear tests and what ever else we do to try and keep ourselves healthy and prevent illness when every single day we consume so much sugar that we are damaging ourselves anyway?  The next bit is shocking though.  Diabetes can lead to nerve damage resulting in amputations; in the UK there are 7'000 amputations (130 per week) and Jamie compared that to the number of amputations from the 13 years of combat in Afghanistan, which resulted in 130.  130 in 13 years as opposed to 7'000 per year?  Something is most definitely wrong here.  

These are just two examples of health conditions that arise because of excessive consumption of sugar.  But I think the figures and the real people who suffer from these conditions really hit it home that we NEED to change.  Isn't it bad enough that we have so many illnesses like cancer and motor neurons disease that don't have a cure for and so far there is no prevention?  Whereas these health issues are avoidable, we just need to take action. 

Jamie suggests that Britain introduces a tax on their sugary drinks which many believe wouldn't work; but he gives an example of a country where it does.  Mexico.  The government were forced to take control of the situation in their country as obesity is rampant and it is thought to be one of the most overweight countries.  It's shocking that they don't have fresh water to drink and instead drink coke and other sugary sodas.  We are so lucky in the country that we live in where fresh clean water is free and so easily accessible.  Anyway it turns out that 8 million Mexicans have type 2 diabetes and that leads to 75'000 amputations.  This is the direction we are heading unless we do something about it, isn't that terrifying?  So in 2014 the Mexican government introduced a Soda Tax which reduced soda consumption by 10% and increased the consumption of water and milk.  Mexico is proof that this would work.

If Britain were to introduce a tax on their sugary drinks it is thought that it could create £1 billion in tax a year which could be put towards something useful adn needed, it could reduce obesity by 200'000 and save the NHS £50 million per year.  So what are we waiting for?  I completely support this idea and have signed the petition, which I hope many many more people will.  As change is needed and urgently.  

We all need to cut back on our sugar intake - according to the World Health Organisation we should only be taking around 7 teaspoons of sugar a day but most people consume roughly 40!  Sugar is everywhere and the programme demonstrates this.  And so I am hopefully going to try and keep a track of my sugar intake for the next week out of curiosity - knowing me I will forget or something but I plan on keeping a food diary and trying my hardest.  Apparently a teaspoon is 4 grams of sugar so by looking at packets I should be able to keep a record and that't not even counting the hidden sugars or natural sugars in fruit and veg.  So fingers crossed and I'm looking forward (I think) to seeing the results. 

Now is the time to act, even if it is as simple as signing a petition, watching your sugar intake or just cutting down on something like sugary drinks.  I am genuinely scared about where this is heading and I know I will think again before choosing a bottle of coke over a bottle of water.  Either way, this is serious and at the same time preventable.  I honestly hope that a difference has been made and that it's not too late to help ourselves.

Take the first step and join me in signing the petition or even just watch the programme:

Thank you,

Love, Lauren x

The power of the simple.

Good morning!

Isn't this just the best kind of mail?!

What a week I've been having; between severe backache, barely sleeping, catching a cold and all the other stress that comes along when you're feeling down... I'm so glad it's almost over!  You know when everything just seems to go wrong and no matter what you do you just feel down?  That's the kind of week I've been having.  However, yesterday I received a cute card from one of my friends from Aberdeen and it honestly cheered me up so so much!

This is the third friend who has actually wrote to me and yesterday it made me realise just how thankful I am for these little cards and letters and just how much they lift me up.  It is honestly amazing how something so simple can effect you so positively, and not only that it means so much to me that my friends have taken the time to write to me and haven't forgotten me now that I'm back home.  It's such an odd feeling to know everyone is back in Aberdeen and this has been their first week back at Uni - so I am so grateful to know that they are thinking about me.

Even this is sweet... even if it's slightly offensive.
Not only that but writing letters back is equally as cute!  I mean I don't even have much to say in all honesty but it is so relaxing and meaningful, that after I write this post I'm away to write a reply and even just that has got me all excited.

I guess at times like these it's the little things that make you appreciate what you have, and it's made me learn that you should take the time; write to your pals, sit down and write to them even if it's a paragraph but the effort is so much more meaningful than a quick text or facebook message.  What I'm saying is show the ones you love that you care, even if it is something so simple or even just telling them you love them, you never know you might just give them that boost that they need.  I am so lucky to have the friends that I do, at home and back in Aberdeen... but now I am off to go write my reply, so until next time!

Love, Lauren x

The Drouthy Cobbler

I've been living back home in Elgin for about three months now and to be honest I've settled back into life pretty well here.  But I will tell you one thing I miss about Aberdeen (other than my friends and work and uni obviously) - a good cocktail.  In Aberdeen there's nice, funky and unique bars all over the place... you have some amazing places to chose from which is something Elgin lacks. 

That is until I discovered Elgin's hidden gem - the Drouthy Cobbler.  It's exactly what Elgin needs!  I know it's been around for quite a while but I'd never really been in it before but it is honestly so cool and fresh and different from all the other bars in Elgin.

From the minute you walk into the bar you're greeted with a smile and a warm welcome.  The servers and bartenders all seem to be so friendly and genuine that you feel right at home, the whole atmosphere of the bar is really relaxed and warm - a place where you can go to chill for sure.  I love it.

Then you are spoiled for choice with the selection of drinks!  From what I could see they had a massive selection of whiskys, local beer (more unique than the normal selection of Tenants, Stella and Budweiser!), ciders and, most importantly, cocktails!  Finally, a bar in Elgin that makes proper cocktails.  Their cocktail list isn't massive but it certainly is impressive!

Not only that they also have a food menu which I will definitely be trying sometime soon I hope!  All in all I think the Drouthy Cobbler is a lovely little bar, with friendly attentive staff a warm atmosphere and some amazing drinks.  It is most definitely a place to check out if, like myself, you haven't already!

Bye for now,

Love, Lauren x

A fresh new beginning.

So, a couple of weeks ago I worked my last ever shift at the Filling Station and what a last weekend it was to have there!  I mean really it wasn't great and it made me realise that I am definitely doing the right thing - the company and the restaurant are pretty great to work for really but just with the way things are just now I realised I have bigger more important things to worry about just now.

Don't get me wrong I loved my job, I loved my team and I already miss it.  We've all had some amazing memories together and some pretty bad times together too really!  But right now it wasn't what I needed and it no longer gave me what I wanted.  I guess I never thought saying goodbye to my team would be so difficult - even though since I've started a lot of people have gone because they've graduated uni or moved away somewhere else or something - and in all honestly I will miss all of the crazy people, they were like a family and it was nice to belong there.  I thought I'd be there until the end of uni but I've recently discovered these things aren't set in stone.

In all honesty it's scary, not having a job, uni or a flat to fall back on but I feel good.  Like relieved; as though a massive weight has just been lifted from my shoulders.  I just need to trust that in the end everything will work out for the best and maybe something better will come along.  Well, it feels as though I've been given a fresh start and a chance to do the right thing and do it properly.

Sometimes saying goodbye is the best thing you can do, even if it doesn't feel like it's good at that time in your life.  So here is my goodbye to the very last part of my old life - it was a fun two years but finally it's time to move on. 

Moving on never felt so good.

So, it has been a very, very long time since I last posted but things have been so hectic around here.  Just with work, exams, nurses, appointments and sorting out my life... 

However, I have passed my second year at university with all Bs - which is absolutely amazing considering everything that is going on!  Not only that but I have just handed in my letter of resignation to work.  I have been there for almost two years now and I had planned on seeing out my time at university working in that restaurant.  But I've come to the conclusion that I just can't do it anymore, it's not giving me anything anymore.  I mean it was a great job when I lived in Aberdeen and I actually loved working; not anymore though.  And that is pretty scary for someone like me.

I mean literally, I've given up my flat, my university and now my job.  Isn't that crazy?  My whole life has changed, and although the circumstances are truly awful I've come to the realisation that it doesn't matter.  These are the material things that I do have control over but they're not what is important in life.

What is important is family, friends, happiness and health.  And these things I will get back, but it's time to prioritise, take some time out and appreciate all the things that I can't control but that make me the luckiest girl in the world (cheesy I know).  

Ultimately, my plans have completely changed in just 3 months, but that's okay, it's now time to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens... which is possibly the hardest thing I will ever have to deal with but I know it will do me the world of good.  Maybe we all just need to take some time out in order to realise what truly is important in life?

Bye for now,

Love, Lauren x

The Cannes Film Festival got me thinking.

Outrage was sparked last week as the public learned that women were banned from wearing flat shoes on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival.  I mean really, imagine being turned away because you decided to wear flats, how devastating.

So, over the weekend it kind of played on my mind and the more I've read on the subject the more angry it's made me - not only angry but sad that in this day and age women and men are supposed to be equal.  Is there an unwritten law stating that women have to wear high heels now?  Are heels not merely just a fashion statement or someone's personal taste anymore?  

I then began to think about this in a broader sense; what this ban actually symbolised.  Now, I don't know about you, I understand that heels are pretty to look at, but I just can not wear them.  I find most of them uncomfortable, I hate stumbling around and I genuinely feel vulnerable (as though any moment my ankle may snap, or if that person behind me dances a little too vigorously in my general direction I probably will face plant the sticky, dirty club floor).  I would much rather not risk heels, enjoy my night and ensure nothing holds me back.

Emma Thompson basically voiced this when she received her Golden
Globe when she joked "I just want you to know, this red - is my blood."

Which brings me to ask, what is so sexy about a girl who can't walk in her heels, hobbling around because her feet are in so much pain and the torn up and shredded feet that are revealed when the shoes are finally taken off?  I don't understand.  Is looking good really worth crippling yourself over, can you really feel good when can't even feel your toes anymore?  Probably not.  At the same time though if you can walk in them without breaking your neck and genuinely enjoy wearing heels then you own it and do what ever makes you happy.  But if you're doing it because guys think heels are sexy or that they make you more attractive then I don't understand.  So what if guys like heels?  Why do women feel the need to please men?  As Janet Street-Porter said: 
"To me heels signify acquiescence, vulnerability and desperation. Cannes Film Festival says the industry needs to take women seriously, but forcing heels is conforming to an outdated stereotype of femininity."
Which I have to agree with.  I mean what's next, will women be banned from wearing trousers on the red carpet?  No bare faces allowed?    

I suppose I don't really know, I would not go as far to say that we remain in a patriarchy where women are forced to adhere to the wishes of the dominant male figures but what does this say?  It should be a choice for women to make, not be forced to tiptoe and stumble around in order to attend a film festival that you were invited to.  It is extremely sexist and I'm glad so many celebrities (both male and female) spoke out about this.  Let's think about this realistically, do you think a man would be turned away from a function like this because he showed up to the red carpet wearing heels?  Most probably not as that would be considered as discrimination, sexist and I'm sure homophobic (which is very true - but why should females be treated any differently?).

Really, I believe it should be your own choice of what to wear and that other people's ideals of what is attractive should not be forced on you.  

If anyone has any other thoughts on this I would love to hear about them, but goodbye for now,

Love, Lauren x

Read more: 

There's something Wicked going on in Aberdeen.

Ok, so yesterday my family and I went to see Wicked at His Majesty's Theatre and it was A-MA-ZING.  Seriously.  

I had planned on writing about it last night when I got in but instead I shamefully got slightly intoxicated, and so when I stumbled through my door at 9.30 on a Saturday night (which is very rare that I'm off) I of course fell straight asleep. 

But it was some nice cocktails in Siberia and the Office,
so that makes it classy drinks at least, okay?

Well anyway, I'm sat on my break munching on a fry up to help my delicate body cope with my shift and I am going to try remember as much of the show as possible.

About 7 years ago I had gone to see Wicked in London whilst on a school trip and to be honest I was pretty young so all I could really remember about it was the main story line and the fact that I really, really liked it.  So for me this production had a lot to live up to.  London was a massive show with amazing sets and really talented actresses and actors.  It was so glitz and glam.  But in all honesty, I think I preferred this production up in Aberdeen...

I mean sure, Aberdeen has a smaller stage, the theatre in itself is smaller and older but honestly the crew made it magical.  The small stage was utterly transformed into a place far far away from grey and dull Aberdeen and the audience were completely transported into the new, bright and shiny world of Oz.

The sets were magnificent, they completely changed the atmosphere and the costumes looked like they were a crazy mix of Gatsby and the modern themes from the Capitol in the Hunger Games.  The costumes and the make-up and the hair were all so creative and amazing and I loved it all!  It must take a great deal of dedication to be painted green every single day (I imagine that scrubbing it off would be just as dedicating!  I can just see the star walking around Aberdeen still covered in small patches of green really!).  It genuinely felt like you were part of the action.  

Not only that, the show in itself was fantastic!  The acting and the singing was just so good, even at points funny.  Like so funny the whole theatre were laughing.  And the story line!  It genuinely appeals to all ages, I loved it when I was younger and we went along with younger cousins and grandparents and everyone along the spectrum genuinely loved it and took something from the show.  It's the story of a young girl who is basically made an outcast from the society she lives in because there is something different about her (ok, so she was born green - admittedly that is really strange but come on) she goes to university where she finally makes some friends and finds herself.  However, through a series of circumstances she is betrayed and once more made an outcast whilst her friendships and relationships are put to the test.  

I believe that the message of the show is that no matter what people think of you, or how they treat you, you should always remain true to yourself.  Beauty is within - no matter if you're green or what ever you are beautiful.  I think that this is just as relevant in the society that we live in where people come in all shapes, sizes, colours. Don't judge a book by it's cover.  

Another important message is the power of friendship.  The two girls are completely different; Galinda is conventionally beautiful, popular and good whereas Elpheba is 'ugly' (or at least described as ugly, but what ever) and has no friends and is thought to be wicked.  But, despite these differences the girls come together and no matter what they remain good friends - even when a man comes between them (ugh! men!).  And for me, this is vital.  Especially right now as lately I've discovered who my true friends are and how much I need them.

If you took anything else from the show I would love to hear about it, or even just what you thought about it overall - feel free to just pop me a comment!  I mean this is all just my opinion after all.

As you can see a very drunk me feeling very
happy with myself when I got home last night!
So yeah, I just truly loved the show and I would go back in a heartbeat!  A massive congratulations to the team who done an absolutely wonderful job - 5 out of 5 stars for sure.

Bye for now,

Love, Lauren x

A short Introduction.

A great big Hello,

So once again I am following the trend which has led to me to setting up my very own blog.  All through high school and my past two years at University I have been addicted to Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr; three very different social media sites with three very different purposes.  However, they all have one thing in common and that is the effect they can have on people.

To begin Twitter is fantastic! 140 characters to say exactly how you feel, a short rant, a shared memory.  Yet most tweets appear to center around subliminal messages, bitching and laughing at people - it may be harmless fun but I feel like I'm growing bored of hearing the same people doing the same thing and still talking about the same person they were 4/5 years ago when I first began tweeting.  

Facebook is an amazing way to keep in contact with all my friends from home, from uni and all the people who have moved away.  And although I, like any other human being, absolutely love finding out what everyone I know is doing I can't stop myself from feeling a pang of jealousy.  Look at my friend who's moved to AUSTRALIA. Why am I still stuck in Scotland? Not only that I always feel judged whenever I post anything on Facebook because lets be real everyone I know uses Facebook.  Everyone apart from my Granny - thank God!

And finally Tumblr.  Well Tumblr constitutes to hours of scrolling and procrastination, looking at pretty pictures and reading inspirational quotes.  But like other social sites Tumblr has it's dark side, I can't scroll too far without seeing something about self-harming or drugs or thinspo.  Tumblr may highlight a few issues but it also glorifies many of them, and soon I'll be 21 (although it pains me to say it) I am bored of teenage angst and heartbreak. 

So here we have it, a solution to my problem was to create a blog.  All for me.  Over the past couple of weeks my life has been turned upside down, inside out and all topsy turvey.  I've had family issues, I've decided to take a year out of university, I'm moving back home for a year and I feel like I'm only just discovering anything about who I really am.  So rather than taking to the social sites I've decided I want somewhere where I can be me and vent or simply just escape from life.  

Because lets face it we all need to have a release and an escape from reality every once in a while.  

So here are some facts about myself.  My name is Lauren, in August I will turn 21 years old (eek), I am a second year history student at Aberdeen University however as previously mentioned I am taking a year out and so I will be moving back to my home town Elgin soon.  I'm a part-time waitress, I love my family and friends and I have a passion for all things creative.  And there we have it, I'm just an ordinary girl looking to move on and find some release.  So until next time...

Love, Lauren x